This apple vase is very easy to make and it works great for an outdoor wedding.

I saw this on TV, and I knew that I needed to share it, because I think that the idea would work great for any outdoor venue, especially if one wants to keep the decor

as close to nature as possible, and may be, even "go green" as they say. All that’s needed is apples which can be purchased pretty well anytime of the year, and flowers.

First step. Set the apple down on a table and make sure it has a nice and firm base so it doesn’t teeter.

Number two, it needs to be cored, but don’t core it all the way through. Leave about 3/4 of an inch. When the coring is done, it should have a nice little well in the middle of it.

Now take our chosen flowers, hydrangeas or violets or babies breath. This project works best with tiny delicate flowers. If you are using hydrangeas, the flower can be picked apart until the right size a achieved.

Place the flowers into the well and top off with a bit of water.

Wa la you Have a beautiful little flower arrangement for a table. One could create several dozen of these and spread them through out the reception area. Great idea for an outdoor wedding.