Outdoor wedding decorations aren't to hard to create. All you need is a bit of an imagination.

All of our outdoor wedding decorations were hand made, including the Bride's calla lily bouquet. In whatever season you plan your wedding, Winter, spring, summer or fall, these projects are not hard to create. One can also incorporate making these decorations into an activity at the wedding shower.

Anything from sparkling gems hanging in the trees, to balloons or baskets filled with silk flowers or a string of lights wrapped around tree trunks.

Here are some of the things We did for our daughter’s outdoor wedding decorations.

We had two beautiful wreaths done up with purple silk flowers to match the wedding colors. We hung them on the posts around the outside of the food buffet gazebo. Another thing I thought was very interesting and unique was that the chief used a couple of huge round mirrors as platters for some of the food items. This along with the silk wreathes added elegance to the rustic wooden gazebo.

We had these hand made twinkling gem sun catchers hanging in a few trees around the seating area.

I arranged two 2 1/2 foot high grey urns with tall silk lilacs and lilies. lilies. We set them on each side of the pathway that led to the wedding site. After the ceremony we moved them, to the front of the head table.

We also had live purple petunias

planted in small pails as a center piece on each reception table. These are just a few of many ideas, to help complete your outdoor dream wedding plans.

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