How to create a kids crafts table at an outdoor weddinng reception.

At our daughter’s outdoor wedding we chose a kids crafts table for the reception. We found a place under the trees a little bit away from the rest of the reception area where we created a kids table.

There was a picnic table there already, so all I did wascover it with a big piece of white paper, making sure to tape it along the underside of the table edges to ensure it wouldn’t blow away with the breeze. We used duct tape for this. The paper not only served as a table cloth but it was also a great place to draw.

We provided pencils, pens and felts for the kids.They really enjoyed them selves and were occupied through out the reception, drawing, chatting and eating with their friends and relatives.

We had one of the older children act as a supervisor, that way the parents of the children didn’t need to worry about what their kids were up to.

The kids crafts table was great entertainment

at the reception and the parents benefited form it as well, by not having to attend to their children while trying to visit with friends.

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