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Why not create a party for Bride and Groom?

Gone are the days of a traditional Bridal Shower. I have enjoyed many co-ed showers and they are growing more popular every year.

A back yard Barbecue idea works great for warm weather areas, and one can incorporate any theme using balloons, flowers and lights. Speaking of lights, I have discovered that they can be used anytime of the year, and for any type of function not just Christmas in winter.

There is also a wider range of gifts available for co-ed showers because you are including both Bride and Groom.

Years ago the showers were naturally geared toward the Bride, with gifts like kitchen or bathroom items. When one has an open wedding shower the gifts can be anything from matching intimate wear, to a fishing rod or a camping gear.

To make the gift opening more exciting split the gift up so that part of it is opened at the shower and the other part may be given as a wedding gift at the reception.

Keep them guessing and have some fun with it, and remember to take lots of photos to help create that wedding album.

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