There are many recipes for wedding cake, but this one is quite easy to create if you are thinking of setting out on a task to bake your own.

Recipes used to make a wedding cake is traditionally a fruit cake. The cake was often cut up, wrapped and handed out to the reception guests at the end of the meal. The cake pieces can be prepared a head of time or it can be a portion of the decorated cake, which is usually cut up during the reception, and handed to the guests by the Bride and Broom. This is a great photo opportunity for the guests, and it's a nice way to briefly meet each guest as the cake is handed to them.

This wedding cake recipe comes from the Mennonite Treasury of Recipes, and the author is Mrs J. I. Warkentin of Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada.

Dark Fruit Cake

1lb. butter

1lb. brown sugar

9 eggs

2lbs seedless raisins

2lbs currants

1/2lb dates(chopped)

1/2lb figs (chopped)

1/2lb blanched almonds

1 cup citron peel

1 cup glace cherries

1 tsp, B soda

Juice of one orange and lemon

4 cups flour ( approx)

Cream butter and sugar, beating in eggs separately, beating thoroughly after each addition.Wash and dry raisins and currants.Cut nuts, cherries, and citron peel, add chopped dates and figs.sift flour and soda, take part of this and sprinkle over the fruit.Gradually fold in flour and fruit into butter mixture adding the fruit juicesLine cake tins with foil or greased brown paper and bake at 275 for 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of the pan. Fruit cake is usually covered with fondant after it is cooled.

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