Salmon, a healthy seafood that makes great appies.

We had some for our daughter's wedding reception and it was so tasty. Salmon smoked or baked, it's all delicious and very healthy too.

Here is a great article from Dr Al Sear. A must read. This is taken from.

"Dear Health Conscious Reader,

If you’re wondering what to throw on the grill this summer, try salmon. A new study caught my eye that says astaxanthin, the pigment that gives it the pink color, protects your DNA.

The same researchers also found that astaxanthin lowers your C-reactive protein (CRP).

CRP measures inflammation in your body. Inflammation happens when your blood vessels are damaged because they’re not getting the nutrients they need. It’s the real cause of heart attacks and strokes.

It made me think of a similar study I read four years ago. In that study, volunteers took 4 mg of astaxanthin three times a day. Their CRP dropped almost 21 percent while the control group’s level continued to creep up.1

But the effect astaxanthin has on DNA is exciting news, too. This is your genetic material. The blueprint determines whether you stay healthy or get sick.

In this new study, volunteers took either a placebo or 2 mg or 8 mg of astaxanthin. After 8 weeks, the marker that determines DNA damage dropped by a third in the 2 mg group. In the 8 mg group, it dropped by 43 percent.2

Your DNA is damaged by free radical molecules. These form when you’re exposed to things like pollution, smoke, radiation and processed food.

Astaxanthin may just be the best antioxidants for DNA protection. It’s 6,000 times more effective than vitamin C, 800 times more than CoQ10 and 550 times more than vitamin E or green tea.3,4

Wild Salmon is a great source. It contains far more. . . " This article is a direct quote form Al Sears.MD Recipes