Silk wedding flowers very often don’t come in the desired color shades needed to match the wedding decor, but I’m excited to show you a way to get around this dilemma.

I’m so thrilled to share with you what I did for my daughter’s silk wedding flowers. I had all of the color’s for the wedding decor match exactly. I’m a very artsy type of person and I enjoy painting. I have a motto that if something doesn’t come in the right color, “paint it.”

So I will try my hand at painting anything that isn’t the right color for a specific project.

The silk flowers needed for my daughter’s wedding were a royal purple color.

She chose white calla lilies and orchids. The color in the orchid centers were not quite the right purple, they were a bit to red. So here’s what I did.

I got some acrylic artist paint in a blue color. I remembered mixing colors from way back in grade school. When I discovered that mixing red with yellow created orange, and mixing red with blue creates purple. With this concept in mind, one can change silk wedding flower color shades to match the wedding decor.

I've included a color wheel in this demonstration for your convenience.

I would encourage one to do a practice run on mixing paint colors, so that the right color blend is achieved before applying it to the project at hand. I chose an acrylic paint because once it's dry its sable and permanent.

Don't use water color for this project because if the flowers should get wet the paint will run. Water color also tends to fade with time.

I used a fine paint brush and gently moved all of the petals that weren't going to be painted from side to side as I pained the ones that I wanted purple.

Some silk wedding flowers can be taken apart and then put back together after the paint is dry, but that's quite a bit more work.

Now because the flower petal already had the red shade, I only needed to add the blue to create my desired purple. I placed a small dab of paint onto a plastic lid. A lid from a yogurt container works great. I find that the acrylic paint that comes in a tube is usually pretty thick, so I add a few drops of water. I also find that if the paint is a bit on the thin side it tends to blend better on the silk flowers. I would recommend a trial test at this point. Use an extra flower, that's not needed for the bouquet to do the test. That way one will get the exact same results, because the silk will be of the same quality.

Now carefully dab the paint onto the petals that you want painted.

Careful so the petals beside are not contaminated, you want to keep them as real looking as possible.

Wa la I now have a beautiful flower that has a new center.

This concept works great for any type of flower that comes invariety of colors in nature. For example Orchids and Irises. Actually Roses would work great for this concept too, especially if one had white ones and wanted to just slightly shade the edges of the petals a pink or red. Roses come in so may different shades these days, the sky is the limit.

Just have fun with your silk wedding flowers. Practice on a few flowers and experiment with different color combinations. You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

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