How to make a Wedding gown and matching flower girls dresses.

I think most Brides have an idea of what they would like their wedding gown to look like.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe exactly what a person as in their mind’s eye. A good seamstress should be able to experiment on paper by drawing a simple draft .

When I did my daughter’s gown, she had this idea of a princess style with spaghetti straps.

I drew it out as she was describing it, and in the end we figured it out.

Then I went to the fabric store to see if I could find a pattern that was similar to what she wanted.

I found something that she thought would work but she wanted a big royal purple sash. I improvised and added a beautiful sash that hung down the back right to the ground.

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It ended up to be a gorgeous wedding gown, and she received may compliments. My daughter wanted the flower girls to have the same styles. So I just looked for a pattern the had basically the same look and also added a purple tie to match the Bridal gown.

The only little addition that I made for the flowers girl dresses were the little purple flowers on the hem line of their dresses. They were so adorable, and to top it off I made two little flower baskets, with daisy peddles for them to throw as they walked down the isle.

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