How to decorate a white wedding wagon for kids in the wedding party.

This white wedding wagon idea would be awesome for your out door wedding.

Often times children are a bit young to have the responsibility of ring bearer or flower girl, and sometimes they are barely at the walking stage. This way they can take part in the ceremony and it's awfully cute.

The wedding wagon

can be filled with flowers that match your venue decor. Unfortunately they mostly come in red. So unless your chosen colors include red you may need to paint it.

Painting the box isn't that hard to do. Just unscrew the handles and both axle assemblies, then spray paint the box in the color that best suite your chosen colors. You may want to choose white, it will need several coats of paint though, to cover the red.

Colored flowers look best in a white one. Or take a glue gun and glue flowers around the outside of the box.

Any which way you decide to put it together. Your project will be beautiful, and everyone one will be in awe at the creative idea.