Fall wedding flowers. An array of earthy tones, like shades of purple and orange come to mind

Fall wedding flowers

come in a unique array of colors because of the drop in temperature in the evenings and at night.

Dahlia family of flowers come in a wide variety of colors for fall. The dahlia also comes in white, So it works wonderfully with white roses and Calla lilies.

Another beautiful flower is the chrysanthemum, commonly known as mums. They also come in a nice fall variety of colors to incorperate them into your outdoor wedding decorations

Here are some color shade suggestions for the fall wedding accessories. Also for fall wedding decorations

* Rich red * Burgundy

* Rust * Sage green * Bronze * Gold

* Copper * Wheat

* Off-white * Pumpkin

* Taupe * Mocha

* Marigold

A fall gown looks fantastic in an off white trimmed with either taupe or mocha. Or you could take a plain off white dress accented with off white pearls and incorporate a few gold beads into the wedding gown pattern.

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