A summer outdoor wedding is a great choice because of the warmer climate that time of year.

Whether your choose a wedding on a beach, or a reception in a park, summer time is a great time of the year to tie the knot. All you need for a summer outdoor wedding is a few tents, a bunch of silk flowers and a box of decorations. and a bit of an imagination. Sometimes a beach just needs a trellis. They aren’t hard to make at all. All you need is three pieces of lattice fencing, a few nails and a hammer. A two foot high by six feet long fence topper works great to create an arbor or a trellis. The fence pieces come in cedar for a natural look, or white plastic.

After the trellis is assembled and it stands well on it's own it can be decorated. The department stores have a beautiful array of trailing flowers that work great for this project. I found that it worked great to pull some flowers off the main stem and replace them with others creating an arrangement of a few different kinds flowers on the same vine. This way you can wind a few vines together, creating a full arrangement.

For example if you had a vine of white roses you could pull a few roses off the vine and replace them with a few flowers in an accent color to match your chosen wedding colors. Then you could also add some ribbon or bows in either white or in an accent color, and tie them in a few places to add depth and color to your trellis.

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