Outdoor  wedding idea in a park.  Our daughter's dream come true.

The outdoor wedding idea came to life as I reached the end of a long park pathway. At that moment, I remembered why my daughter chose this park for her outdoor wedding. There were shadows dancing in the grass under the majestic trees that surrounded the wooden gazebo. In a distance I could see the sunlight sparkling across the turquoise water, and there was a perfect rose arbor near by.

As I scanned the picturesque setting, An image grew in my mind of how it would look. With the decorations in place and the white chairs ready for guests, there was enough room for a runner down the middle for an isle between the chairs. The gazebo was perfect for the food tables. The trees gave great shade for the reception tables. This was the morning of the big day and we were going to do everything possible to make a dream come true for our daughter.

Is this your dream too? well you’ve come to the right site. Planning a wedding should be fun and exciting, but it can get stressful when things don’t go as planned. I created this site for those of you would like to benefit from my experience and collected resources. On this site you will find helpful tips on planning for the big day, as well as HOW TO pages on arranging flowers for your bouquets and center pieces.

There are usually a lot of questions that come to mind when planning a wedding. Some of them are, as follows. Where is this spectacular event going to take place? What is the color scheme? Choice of wedding gown, and the attire for the wedding party. Do I go with real or silk flowers? What type of food would I like at my wedding? What type of foods are best suited for an outdoor event? How many guests can we accommodate, and the list goes on, but I trust that as you browse through this website these questions will all be answered.

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