Here are some awesome ideas for fall wedding decorations for your autumn dream wedding.

Fall wedding decorations can be created quite inexpensively, because things like autumn coloured leaves are abundant and free. There are so many beautiful coloured tree leaves that a person can collect to use them for beautiful centre pieces..

Last fall I went for a walk around about the time that the huge maples trees began dropping their leaves. Those leaves were so big a person could have used them as a base, or place mat for candles in a centre piece. The best time of day to gather your leaves would be mid day after the dew has dried from the night before. These leaves come in enough shapes and sizes to incorporate into any

fall wedding decorations. Here is a great tip, a person can even iron the leaves smooth with an ordinary clothes iron.

Any fall flowers

like chrysanthemums and daisies or dahlias can be used for fall wedding flowers. Tiger lilies and calla lilies are also a favourite choice. They make nice bouquets and table center pieces.